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Quality rewards you with the ultimate satisfaction

The roots of Classic Motor Action are anchored in 40 years of passionate enthusiasm and for this stands Dirk Libeert. Collecting classic and antique cars is, compared to the more traditional collectibles such as art and antiques, a very recent given.    Towards the end of the seventies Belgium counted only a handful of professional classic and vintage dealers, and I feel fortunate to have been one of them. These years were the initial phase of an un checkable growing appreciation for the collector cars, which they certainly are entitled to today.

Our 40 years of experience and long term activities in Europe and the United States of America, have allowed us to build a large knowledge of this particular market. From its tender years, Dirk Libeert had the good fortune to become the personal owner of an estimated more than 2.000 quality collectable cars. We invite you to overlook a large selection in our archives ‘cars sold’.

Gradually, and together with the intensity of an ever more demanding market, we moved up towards the very selected cars, but always with a blink to the Porsche 356, our favorite classic driver.  We are pursuing the very rare, the original and the exceptional: A few steps further. More demanding, but also returning more satisfaction. Finally, isn’t this what it is all about ?

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By personal investment in our cars, we show the potential buyer our full confidence in what we offer. The system of selling cars under consignment not always stands for this.

Collectors with a special request are invited to contact Dirk Libeert personally, as very exclusive cars will not always be advertised. Besides, our profound experience and large market knowledge will be more than useful. Rare and high qualified sports cars and GT’s, barchetta’s and race cars are within the range of our possibilities. Because personal contact and approach represents our priority, appointments for viewing and visiting are necessary and requested.

We hope to meet you.

Dirk Libeert

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The Porsche 356 is a favorite classic for regular use. We mostly carry a nice selection

                                  And yes, we do drive a 356  in rally events

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