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1955 Race cars different sports and race cars

Look here for the list of cars we are currently negotiating.

Several interesting cars have been offered to us or are under negotiation.  They are collectible and significant cars, and therefor require a special and priviledged treatment.   So please call for information, not by e-mail.

Interesting cars requested, we kindly invite your availability

Also for sale:

- 1947  Alfa Romeo 2500 Sport cabriolet PF,  Concourse condition

- 1953  Ferrari 250 Europa, amazingly original,  superb condition 

- 1967  Ferrari 330 GTS  Perfect restored condition, award winning car

- 1967  Ferrari  275 GTB/4  Very original car, wel documented

- 1954  Fiat 8V  Berlinetta,  MM eligible and in excellent condition

- 1938  BMW  328 roadster, original unrestored condition, dismantled,

- 1960  Porsche 356 super 90 roadster.  Superb restored conditio 


-  Original unrestored sportscars in good condition

-  356 SC cabriolet

-  Jaguar E-type series 1, and XK 150 dhc or OTS.   All must be perfect cars

-  Porsche 550 spyder,  no bitsy car.

-  Ferrari Daytona spyder, euro version.

-  GP or F1 car from 1960 on to 1990

If you're interested, please contact us for more pictures and information. Call +32 93 61 24 89.